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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy


In a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, you are guided into a moving meditative journey through restorative yoga postures. You are invited to use your breath and movement and words to communicate with your body and to share verbally what you notice arising in your inner world.
I simply offer reflective listening from a place of loving witness while facilitating a physical journey based on the unique needs of your body. The simple movements and stretches act as a focal point for your awareness to tune in to what is happening in your body in the present moment.


It is my intention to create a focused, safe, non-judgemental space that welcomes any aspect of your felt experience to be seen and heard. The content and outcome of the session is entirely dependent on your intentions and what unfolds from a natural, honest, open dialogue between your body, mind and spirit.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy supports those seeking connection with their own Teacher within, and offers a holistic body-mind-spirit process that honors the wisdom that comes from simple listening and compassionate presence. PRYT is appropriate for those looking for an empowering and grounded way to cultivate self-awareness. This process can be supportive for those going through significant life transitions, those seeking clarity in decision making, and those integrating emotions such as grief, loss, or shame. PRYT can also support those who have chronic pain or disabilities to engage their body-mind-spirit in deep self-inquiry. 

When we take time to enter into this place of witness with regular practice, we can release old patterns of thinking-feeling and create new patterns that support us living and moving from our most empowered Self.


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