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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Photo: Anna Flint

Traditional Thai Bodywork is an ancient modality that uses deep compressions and supported stretches to open all the energy lines in body, allowing chi- vital life energy, to flow more freely. Traditional Thai Bodywork is usually performed on a mat on the floor, with loose-fitting clothes on. Traditional Thai Bodywork is beneficial for those who prefer deep-tissue work and those who seek relief from pain and muscle tension due to chronic and acute conditions.

Mahina offers Traditional Thai Bodywork in the tradition of her teachers Michael Sitzer and Master Teacher Pichest Boonthumme.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a unique offering that integrates Traditional Thai bodywork with the compassionate, body-mind integration practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy by Michael Lee.

In a Thai Yoga Bodywork session, you are invited into a mindfulness practice while receiving Traditional Thai Bodywork. You are invited witness and share any thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise from within yourself. As you share your observations, I simply provide compassionate, reflective listening and a safe container of confidentiality for whatever arises.

The body-mind integration found in Thai Yoga Bodywork is helpful for everybody, but especially for those who may be experiencing physical pain without an identifiable root cause, those who are in life transitions or working through heavy emotions and wanting to be witnessed within a safe container while grounding more into their bodies. A Thai Yoga Bodywork session offers the opportunity to listen deeply to your body, mind and emotions to cultivate deeper self-awareness and self-compassion. 

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