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Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a relatively recent Japanese form of an age old practice of laying on of hands to heal. It integrates the practice of prayer, visualization and gentle touch to move 'ki' or energy in the body. Reiki is used to alleviate pain, expedite healing of body, mind and heart and to cultivate an embodied sense of wellness and love. Reiki can be used to support emotional well being, offering deep relaxation and a sense of safety so that the parasympathetic nervous system can rest and allow the natural healing process to take its course. In a Reiki session, the client is typically laying down, wearing light, loose clothing. One may feel waves of energy moving through the body as Universal Life Force Energy supports harmonious flow of energy and the release any energetic blockages.

Mahina can integrate Reiki before or after any bodywork session in increments of 15 minutes or offers a 60 min stand-alone Reiki session.

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