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Photo: Jamie Eversweet Belmarez

"Powerful, Authentic, Safe."

Feedback from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions with Mahina Lee

"Therapuetic, grounding, meditative, heart-opening, powerful, balanced, gentle, congruent, safe, open, accepting. The stillness in body scanning allowed me a freedom of witness to thoughts, emotions, colors, which I was able to express with unexpected clarity. Sharing anything in the safety of this container was most helpful/rewarding." M.G.

"Wonderful. I was amazed at the depth of feelings that came up for me as different parts of my body were stretched and moved. I felt release of tension from holding feelings in, and clarity on some things that I thought I'd let go of- but were still in me. It was much more powerful than I expected." J.P.


"Such a beautiful, supportive way to tap into the intelligence and interconnectedness of the body- relating to all parts of self. Feeling that past trauma was acknowledged and held in Love." K.K.


"I became aware and able and trusting to speak what thoughts and feelings and imagery came to me as it came. I experienced expression, acceptance and release. I feel more solid to be myself as I am, when I am, and to be aware of the changing, ever changing flow of energy that is life, even in all its disguises." T.M.


"The session was very relaxing and allowed me to go deep into myself. Very healing and integrative. What really helped was your presence with and care for me and the combination of guidance from you and also space for me to unfold myself. I got a deep feeling of connection and relaxation and some powerful insights." -P.B.


"This was a very powerful journey of self-awareness that made me much more able to confront the issues of the day in an authentic, productive manner. I really appreciated your manner of non-judgment and accepting what was. I was reminded of the multiple modes of being and levels of awareness that exist within myself and encouragement to break out of "stuck" behavior patterns." C.S.


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