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Therapuetic Lomilomi

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Hawaiian Lomilomi is an ancient form of healing touch that is deeply connected to the breath and to the spirit of Aloha. It begins with the prayerful intention of allowing divine love to be channeled from the giver to receiver to heal the heart. Lomilomi techniques were passed on from one generation of Hawaiians to another through family line, until the 1970's when it began to be shared with non-native Hawaiians.


Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi as learned from Aunty Maile Spencer Napolean, with traditional techniques passed down from her teacher, Kalua Kaiahua. The Traditional Lomilomi form is best for those who prefer gentle, light touch massage and those who are seeking deep relaxation to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to slow down the heart rate and allow the body to rest, digest and restore.

Therapeutic Lomilomi is a unique blend of Lomilomi and deep tissue techniques, offering a more therapeutic bodywork session for those who wish to address specific areas of pain and tension with the heartfelt and prayerful intention of 'loving touch'.

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