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Tuning Forks


Tuning forks vibrating at precise healing frequencies (such as the Schumann Resonance, the standing vibration of the earth) can be used as a natural and vibrational way to release physical tension from muscles in the body and also can be used to clear traumatic vibrational imprints stored in the subtle energy field around the body. As a student of Eileen McKusick's method of Biofield Tuning,  Mahina can add Tuning forks to any bodywork session, applying them directly on trigger points to release physical tension in the body.

For a more energy-focused sound healing session, Mahina offers a Tuning Fork Sound Healing session where the tuning forks are used more in the 6-foot biofield (electromagnetic field) around the body to clear discordant or chaotic vibrational patterns that prohibit energy from flowing efficiently through the chakras and keep us from being able to fully be in the present moment. For example, clearing the back chakras opens spaciousness for the client to receive from life more fully.

The idea is that our memories and past traumas are not only stored in our bodies, but also in the subtle energetic field around our bodies. There is also an ancestral 'river' on either side of our bodies that the vibrational and energetic imprint of our mother and father's lineages that can be powerful to spend time with strengthening or clearing.

Experiencing a tuning fork sound healing session can be both subtle and powerful. It may take a few sessions for some to be able to feel the energetic shifts happening during and after the session. But those who feel called to this modality can be nourished deeply by the vibrational shifts they are able to notice within and in their lives.  

Mahina offers 15 minutes of Trigger-Point Therapy with Tuning Forks added to any bodywork session and a stand-alone 60-minute Energetic Tuning Fork Sound Healing session. 

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